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Welcome to and welcome to 2014!

By way of introduction, my original fascination with Colombia was actually a financial one.  I immediately thought in 2008 after touring Colombia – what a fantastic place to invest!  Earlier on in the 2000s I had traveled through Brazil, Mexico and Argentina and the math/politics just didn’t work for me.  Then there’s the misperception that Colombia is so dangerous (just jungles, FARC, drugs, guns and Juan Valdez) and that has opened a big window of opportunity for those who know better.  In the last 6 years since my first visit the country has come a long way (even after the great stride under Uribe 2002-2010) and so has my experience in Colombia.  I’ve invested in Colombian Real estate personally (multiple times) and helped others do the same.

And then there is this website (Casacol) I invested in.  A combination of my experience and passion for 1) Colombia, 2) Real Estate, and 3) Technology gave me the confidence to fund this project with my Colombian partners.

My first experience in investing in Colombian real estate (Medellin real estate to be exact) was an exciting but frustrating one.  Unprofessional and unlicensed real estate agents combined with embarrassing web based search platforms and lack of an organized MLS, gave us the inspiration to build something better.  A platform that connects professional agents, agencies and end users in a smooth, efficient, and user friendly process will drive professionalism and efficiency across the industry and across the country – that’s our goal.

The core operation of Casacol is a similar concept to Zillow/Trulia/StreetEasy/Zoopla/ but for Colombia.  As a foreigner looking to buy/rent, and possibly retire in Colombia, we also provide a set of services and advice from local Colombian real estate professionals that will help you navigate the process here with confidence and without risk.  We understand foreign investment in Colombia and tirelessly seek good value for our clients based on their needs.

Keep an eye on this blog for my thoughts, ideas and advice on the intersection between investing, real estate and Colombia.

Brad Hinkelman – [email protected]

Founder/Owner – Casacol SAS



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