Introducing the Medellin Real Estate ROI Calculator

At the Casacol headquarters in Riosur we receive our existing and future investor clients in our offices every day. Invariably, nearly every discussion leads to “the numbers” which is often an important factor in how investors evaluate investment properties. Those people searching for full or part time homes will see less of a need for this kind of tool. The ROI calculator is a tool for the Medellin real estate investor.

I wanted to open up our internal ROI calculator here to all investors whether they are Casacol clients or not so anyone can play with the numbers themselves and on their own time. I’ve tried to create an ROI calculator that is very comprehensive but also simple enough that a first time user should navigate it with ease. There are hints and comments built in the calculator that act as a guide if one is having trouble getting an accurate result. You can also take a snapshot of your results and email them to yourself for future reference.  Any issues, bugs, questions or assistance, I can be contacted directly [email protected].

As I write this, the COP is once again hovering around the 3000 COP/USD mark which I believe represents a rare opportunity to take advantage of a beaten down (unnecessarily so) emerging market currency. And what a better place than Medellin where Vogue magazine has just published their travel guide and “21 Reasons the Cool Kids of Colombia Flock to Medellín” in 2016 truly is in vogue.


Brad Hinkelman – [email protected]

Founder/Owner – Casacol SAS

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